Julia Munro
MPP York - Simcoe

May 13, 2014

BRADFORD – Today, incumbent York-Simcoe PC candidate, Julia Munro, talked about the deficit spending habits of the Liberals and highlighted the fact that the deficit has increased over the last two years. Munro expounded on the PC Million Jobs Plan to eliminate the deficit in two years:

“Balanced budgets create jobs. If we are going to attract good-paying jobs and well-run employers, we need a well-run province. This Liberal government is going in the wrong direction.

Ontario is in a debt crisis.  We are now a ‘have-not’ province on the welfare rolls of the federal government. We spend more on servicing debt interest than anything except health and education.

Because the budget is not balanced, we’re seeing bad decisions like last year’s Liberal cuts to physiotherapy for seniors and increased wait-times for cataract surgery.

We can’t borrow $20 billion a year forever. We need to get Ontario working better.

FACT: There are over one million government workers in Ontario. 

FACT: You can’t balance the budget without reducing spending. And over 50% of government spending is on salary, wages, and benefits for government workers. 

FACT: Since the Liberals came to power, the number of government jobs has increased at double the rate of the population. 300,000 new hires since 2003.

FACT: Under the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals, government jobs were created at triple the rate of private sector jobs. 

Do you feel like public services are three times better? Is it easier to see a specialist? Are the lines at ServiceOntario three times faster?  

We will balance the budget, create jobs, and, yes, reduce the middle management and bureaucracy across government. With the government’s current attrition rate of 5%,  50,000 employees retire or otherwise leave every year. We can soon have 100,000 fewer government workers – roughly 10% – to return us to 2009 levels and allow us to balance the budget quickly. Vital frontline services such as those performed by nurses, doctors and police will not be affected.

Reining in reckless overspending and ending waste won’t be easy but it can be done. We cannot push this debt burden to our great-great-grandchildren like the Liberals would have us do,” concluded PC candidate, Julia Munro.


CONTACT:             Matt Morrison, 905-252-7493 or info@electmunro.ca

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